One Tip to Improve Page Rank

How to Make Money Online - One Tip to Improve Page Rank

To make money online blogging you don't need a high page rank but you do need to get to page 1 of Google and preferably to th top 3 on page 1. Here is my list of one easy tip to help you move up the SERPS . They say lists are popular and act as linkbait! So, as I'm lazy I've limited myself to a list of one. Make the most of it!

They also say that to improve your page rank you need to get backlinks. So how do you get backlinks and more importantly how do you get backlinks from blogs with a higher pagerank than yours ? You comment on their blogs of course, but you probably knew that already. So how do you know which blogs to comment on ? Read on.

This is the real tip - follow these easy-to-follow steps and you may stand a chance of making money online at last !

  1. Go to this page rank analysis site - Smart Page Rank
  2. Type in the domain name you want information on, in the 'check domain' window (you can put your own domain name in - but it will probably be more useful (after you've looked at your own wonderful stats.) to put in the domain name of a big or medium-sized guru blogger)
  3. Click on 'check domain'
  4. Scroll down to the bit that says 'backlinks'
  5. Click on 'Try our new backlinks analyzer'
  6. Have a look at the results - glorious or embarrassing ?! :-(
  7. Pay particular attention to those links that have a PR higher than your own
  8. Tick the box to show the 'no follow' tags (for any posts which have a 'no follow' policy the word 'yes' shows up in the column on the right)
  9. Click on any high-ranking link, that does not have a 'no-follow' tag, that takes your fancy
  10. You will be directed to their site where you can pick a post and make a spammy comment (only kidding - you need to make a thoughtful and insightful comment on something related to your own site/topic/interest, otherwise the spam filters will probably boot you out and you may get into trouble with goo know who)
  11. Repeat until you're sick of it
  12. (This is why it is better to have a look at other people's statistics) - you will find places you never knew existed - if you type in the name of your favourite big name blogger you will see what backlinks they've got ( there are no secrets on the web) and you can go pay them a visit (flowers or chocolate are always appreciated)
  13. AN UPDATE : I just came across this post on the beautiful Rebblogirl's blog - Rsspieces - about the perils of excessive reciprocal linking, which I recommend as a highly illuminating read Reciprocal Linking Penalties

It is important to make interesting comments mainly on sites that are related to your own topic, as Google is everywhere watching what you do. If you suddenly start getting backlinks to a whole host of unrelated PR7 blogs they might do terrible things to your account. So use a bit of common sense !


  1. Sorry it took me this long to answer your question. I've been quite busy changing a new template on one of my blogs.

    Frankly Old Vic, I don't know how do I get PR4 for My Journey To Recovery. Maybe it's because of backlinks as you said in this post. Since it is my very first and only blog, I went all out visiting other blogs leaving comments and get listed on every directory I can find. See my +/- to expand the directories links. That's why I've to use drop down menu, to save up some valuable real estate, lol! It's getting longer and longer.

    I've just started my second blog, Web Directory. It has only eleven posts so far. I used this blog mainly to promote myself in the local market. Ironically, most Malaysian don't know I existed.

    I think I'm going to follow your example. Get a domain name and host it with Blogger. I've never thought of that until you said it.

    That's all for now, Old Vic. Hope to hear from you soon. I wanna know more about hosting and domain name.

    Greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.

  2. Hi Arahman,
    Thanks for dropping by. For geenral information on domain names you might wwant to read this post -

    As you've got a pagerank 4 I'm not sure it would be a good idea to change to your own domain name, as you might lose that pagerank. But for the new blog it might be a good idea. I think I'll start commenting more and joining directories too, to see if that will improve my PR. Good luck with the new blog. Vic

  3. There is a problem with this idea. The problem is called no-follow tags, which your template has installed as a default on the comment boxes. So does mine, even though I am trying to strip them away.

    What they do is prevent the spiders from following a link. So all that comment spamming is a waste of time. You might get a real person clicking on your link, but forget the engines.

  4. I think they have thought of this problem. Lots of people remove the 'no follow' tags and replace them with 'do follow' and after you click on 'Try our new Backlink Analyzer' there is a box you can tick to show the 'no follows'. Most of the links show up as 'no' (meaning there is not a no-follow tag) if ther is a 'no-follow' tag you see the word 'yes' in red.
    But I will modify the post to point this out.


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