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Make Money Online - Sell Your Domain Names For Big Bucks

Want to know how to make money onilne ? The domain name just sold for $550,000 - was that bargain or a waste of money ? Well probably a bargain given that in a few years time it might be worth 10 times that and in the meantime it is a very good name for monetization and bringing in mega advertising bucks.

This post is an update re. sales of domain names. I have decided to spend more time working on this aspect of making money online as I feel there is more money to be made in it than in 'pure blogging' , especially for someone who is just starting out.

Domain names are very easy to buy (not so easy to sell but I'm sure that will come) and if you find the right names the potential is far greater than from blogging. Blogging I see as a way to make a steady amount of money, providing you can get the traffic, and a lot of money if you can get a lot of traffic, but this might take time.

Domain names on the other hand are far more democratic. You don't need a reputation or an adoring public, in fact anonymity seems to be all the rage in domain name sales, - all you need is a bit of ingenuity and the willingness to look for good names.

What makes a good name ? See 8 Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name - and answer this question, is a good name ?

I came up with this name, which nobody had registered, but wasn't sure, so I asked those knowledgeable fellows over at namepros. I received two answers - one said it was rubbish and a waste of time, the other said it was an excellent name and that I should ignore expert no. 1. !

I personally thought it was a reasonable name but didn't register it as I'd already registered quite a few and thought a .mobi would be a long-term investment too far. The second guy said I should register it and that if I didn't want to then he would register it instead, which he duly did. So, really, opinions are like a-holes, everyone's got one. Now I agree with the guy who registered it, I think it's a good name for the future.

When looking for domain names what I would say, is that you need to go for generic type names e.g. 'insurancequotes .com' rather than the more wacky 'itgrowsontrees .com' - a money site I registered ! The interesting thing about money is that it DOES in fact grow on trees. (It's made of paper). So I still think the name is a good name, just that it doesn't have immediate 'kerb appeal'.

One last point, if you think all the good .coms have gone then have a look at .in or .cn or .tv or .mobi these are names for the future and there are plenty still available. Happy hunting.

And what about ? Well here is

A Selection of Names Sold for the Week July 30 – August 5
Top of the bunch – which went for $550,000 and the site isn’t even developed, just a parked page. I guess it's got a lot of potential (now where's my medical dictionary ?). went for $400,000 went for $323,530 went for $180,000 – this after went for $1.1 million a couple of weeks ago. So does that mean a .com is worth 6 times a .net ? Although is a developed site (in Chinese) and is just a parked page at the moment. went for $175,000 in a non-auction transaction.

.Info and .org have had two notable successes each with ($37,111) and ($21,000) Of course, .com, as always, dominated with 27 of the 40 chart entries.

Some strange names went for reasonable amounts – which just proves that anything is possible :- - $7,975. - $5,000 and - $5,000 - $3,425 (why ? one wonders) and - $2,450 each (so how much for 44DD ?)

An interesting point of note was sold for $5,500 in November 2005 this time it went for $37,111 and went for $17,000 compared to $4,000 in April 2004. So 7 times and 4 times respectively, plus they were probably bringing in a fair amount in advertising revenue in the meantime.

So have a good look at the articles in the left-hand column on domain names and see if you can't find some undiscovered gems. It doesn't cost much and it's legal ! Please feel free to leave any comments and/or suggestions. This domain is up for sale too in case you are interested!



  1. Interesting note about the and I'm surprised in the large difference but it just makes you realize how valuable the .com's really are.

  2. Hi Utah SEO,
    Yes I was surprised as well. Especially as the .net is a developed site whereas the .com is just a parked page (at the moment at least). Moral of the story - get the .com if you can :-)

  3. Wow - - $3,425 - when will the buyer ever get his/her money back????

  4. Hi Mike,
    Yup - a strange choice - perhaps it means something ? Yorkie over here is a chocolate bar. There is awoman who has a site about dogs - called doginfo I think that makes thousands each month.
    Nice car site by the way.

  5. Thanks for the great read. Obviously investing in domain names is a very smart thing to do if you approach it the right way!

  6. Yes, if you can get yourself a good name or two with a lot of potential. Personally I think a good long term bet at the moment is .in domains, as India ia a big place and the Internet is developing fast there. Your blog looks like a really useful place too.

  7. the old vic I agree completely with you about the future value of .IN domain names. India will become the Superpower of this century.
    I think numeric (NNN) .IN names are the best bet as there are only 1000 combinations or letters (LLL) with 17,576 combinations.

  8. Hi Anon,
    Yes I agree with you and myself - .in should be a goo dbet for the future ! At the moment they are not attracting a great deal of attention, but that just makes them more attractive as a future investment. Although recently went for $60,000 I think, which makes it the highest selling .in so far. Numbers and letters is good advice, I will look into them more. I've got a couple of 4 letter .ins - and - although I went for them for their meaning rather than for the fact that they have 4 letters. :-)


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