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Nominet CEO Interviewed about the State of the Domain Name Industry

The future of the domain name industry in the UK and throughout the world is healthy according to "The First Woman of Technology" Lesley Cowley the CEO of Nominet the UK domain name registration organization, in a video interview with ZDNet. But .mobi has more genuine potential than .eu at the moment.

The Main Points she makes are :-

  • there are 6 million users of
  • these are increasing at the rate of 140,000 each month
  • the rate shows no sign of slowing and has increased from 5 million to 6 million in one year
  • more smaller businesses and individuals are getting online with their own domain names
  • own domain names are portable
  • businesses are registering .eu for brand and trademark protection not for genuine business reasons
  • there are not many .eus in real use
  • that may change over time but not at the moment
  • the same is not the case for .mobi which is quite different to .eu - people are bidding for .mobi names not just protecting their brands
  • about various scams that exist she said legal action has been taken, but mainly it is up to people to apply a bit of common sense and not pay out money willy nilly to people asking for 'fees' etc...


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  2. Hi Lyn,

    Thanks for the info. Video certainly seems like a good sector to be for domain names. Have you publicized the auction at Namepros ?


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