Premium Domain Name Auction at Sedo

Make Money Online - Premium Domain Name Auction at Sedo

Sedo have organized an auction of premium .mobi domain names starting 26th September for 5 days to follow th eauction and see what sort of prices are being achieved go here .Mobi Domain Name Auction

At the moment the highest bid is $30,000 for followed by at $19,500 and at $19,000

Apart from seeing what sort of prices will be achieved for .mobi domains it's also interesting to see what qualified as a premium domain, and wonder why you didn't buy one yourself or what other names you coul dbuy that might qualify as a premium name !

The full list is :-


  1. Sedo is good but I really hate .mobi's

  2. Hi Doris,
    Funnily enough I am just the opposite - I like .mobis but don't like Sedo ! I think .mobis have a lot of potential for the future and sales of .mobi domain names are increasing at the moment.

  3. Lol - not yet - although it depends on when you are reading this comment

  4. Wow I had no idea that there was such a thing as a .mobi until today! I want to create a top-level domain called .howtomobi hahaha.

  5. Hi MPD,
    Lol -their marketing is obviously not as effective as they hoped ! You might also want to look into .tv or my own favourite .in (India).

  6. I guess for .mobi domains the shorter the better...really does apply.

    If the sites are made for phones then no one is gonna wanna type in a long ass domain.

  7. Yes I guess you've got apoint, although some of the names are around 15 letters long. They also have some typos classified as premium names which seems a bit odd to me.


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