What is a dotMobi Premium Domain Name?

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What is a dotMobi Premium Domain Name?

dotMobi is making hundreds of premium domains available through three online auctions, hosted by Sedo.
If you are wondering what constitutes a ‘premium domain’ then read on.

The first of the 3 auctions is on 26 September 2007 at 12 p.m. U.S. Eastern time and will last for seven days. There will be 100 premium names auctioned.

The next two auctions will be held in October and November.

Anybody will be able to bid on these domains, if you want to bid you just need to create an account with Sedo. It will be interesting to see what sort of prices these domain names fetch, as .mobi is still relatively new, but seems to be becoming increasingly significant as a domain extension.

The premium names on offer are :-


  1. Second dumb question for the day: why would someone buy these domain names? When I signed up to make my first blogger blog 6 days ago ( see I'm really new!) I just picked a domain name and that was it.
    I'm trying to learn as much as possible so please educate me here.

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  3. Basically dot mobi domain names, like lots of other domain names are seen as an investment, you buy them now for around $10 in the hope that in a few years time someone will want to pay a few thousnd dollars for the name e.g. a few years ago someone bought (the extension for India) for a few dollars and renewed it each year, last year he sold it in an auction for $60,000 . You can also 'park' names with a parking company (such as Namedrive - see ad. on left) - they put ads. on the site and you get a percentage of any money paid when people click on the ads. an example of such a parked page is


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