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How to Keep Your Columns in Place in Wordpress

In my previous post - My Other Blog's a Ferrari - I described how I am trying to set up a financial blog using Wordpress - but the day job and the inherent non user-friendliness of Wordpress has had me bogged down somewhat.

If you are having problems with columns in Wordpress and you want to know why your columns are moving down to the bottom of the page then read on, as there is quite possibly a simple solution.

I have finally managed to install a Wordpress 'theme' (template to the rest of us) on my financial blog - but not without much effort, as I wanted a three column theme and, unfortunately, all the 3 column themes I installed insisted on putting the two right-hand columns down at the bottom of the page underneath the left-hand column. So I got one long column instead of three short ones. Why ? I wondered. Well, it was a bit of a conundrum !

So, if you are having the same problem, don't spend 15 hours like I did wandering round the Internet tearing your hair out (unless you already have of course) - or trying to change the margins or the column width or the padding etc... etc... the problem may actually be quite easy to solve. Just follow this simple instruction.

Don't use Word to write your posts in Wordpress !

Copying and pasting from Word into Wordpress will totally mess up your formatting, if you are using 3-column templates at least, but also with other stuff. I read in the Wordpress forum that people were also having trouble formatting columns with images and it turned out this was caused by using Word to write their posts.

So, either type directly into Wordpress, or if you have typed in Word, then save what you have typed in Notepad and copy and paste from Notepad into Wordpress.

You would think that such an important piece of information would be placed somewhere prominent so that you can see it when you first start using Wordpress, but unfortunately, as seems to be the case with so much of Wordpress you simply have to search round the Internet or the Wordpress forum until you find a clue as to what the solution to your problem might be.

The three-column template I finally chose for my blog comes from DoshDosh - 16 Adsense Optimized Wordpress Themes to Maximize your Contextual Ad Earnings - ( thank you Maki and Dosh Dosh). It is SEO optimized and already has Adsense installed, which is excellent, as it saves me messing around with stuff I don't understand yet. But I can't say I like the colours, so I am going to have to change them. Also, because I called my blog Financial Mites (a cunning anagram on Financial Times, as you may have noticed) Adsense at the moment insists on putting up ads. about mites and bedbugs! So I'm going to have to sort that out too.

One thing I have managed to do is change the size of the font in the header, not difficult you might think, but if you don't know what it is you are supposed to do then you can spend a long time trying to find out. I finally discovered what needed changing by another combination of guesswork and deduction, but I will post about that in a separate post.

Hopefully this post has proved useful to someone. So far my experiment with Wordpress has been painfullly slow, and I have not been at all impressed with the help available from Wordpress to sort out the 'problems', but as I haven't paid for any of it, except the hosting, I can't really complain (ha ha), but at least I have got some sort of blog up and running and I can now post on it.


  1. I had problems with WordPress and just gave up on it. I tried to download a new template and kept getting an error message that said that the stylesheet was missing - it wasn't, by the way.

    OK, the reason why I am not tucked up in bed is that I came across who do free templates for Blogger. The Money Blog is now on one of theirs - three columns and all.

  2. Hi Ken,
    I know the feeling with Wordpress, it's still driving me nuts and will for a long time to come I suspect. Thanks for the link to the blogger templates I'll check them out, your money blog looks good, so I may well be tempted to change this one. Vic

  3. Cheers for the kind words.

    The only problem with my new template was the hideous banner that ran along the top - a jpg file stored at Blogger was the culprit. As I host on the Yahoo server that was easy to get rid of by replacing it with my own version.


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