Changes on the Horizon for Parked Domains

Make Money Online for Beginners Changes on the Horizon for Parked Domains

Things are changing in the domain parking world. Initially parked domain sites were nothing more than a bland page showing a list of advertisers. Some sites are basically still the same, which means that as a way of making money online they are not particularly profitable.

However, as these pages are clearly not very appealing to any visitor who stumbles upon them, parking companies have realized they have to do something to make them more interesting and enticing.

TrafficZ is designing a new system that will be rolled out in the first quarter of 2008. This new system will allow clients to totally customize their landing pages. They will be able to change every element on the page using a drag and drop interface. What they are planning is apparently far in advance of what is currently available on the market, although of course the market is changing day by day so by the time we get to 2008 their system may be very similar to what others are also offering.

Kevin Vo said that TrafficZ intends to give users pages that provide something useful, to encourage them to stick around. "We think the evolution of the parking page is only going to get more complex and that people are going to want to create their own page templates."

Eventually the idea is to have parked pages that are virtually indistinguishable from true websites. I'm sure this is what a large number of domainers are looking for, particularly those like myself who do not have the skills or even the time (bear in mind that some domainers have a portfolio of hundreds or thousands of domain names) to develop their own website

So it looks like the future is bright for domainers as we can look forward to our cherished parked domains having more and more features to interest visitors and hopefully bring in even more money !


  1. I'm surprised there isn't a company out there that already supplies this kind of functionality. You see these technologies implemented on all kinds of sites nowadays, you'd think parking companies would be pioneers in this industry. I think there may be some opportunity here...

  2. Yes it is a bit surprising, but I think this is definitely the way things are going. It could be also that there was some sort of problem with Google which supplies a lot of the ds. they tend to have all sorts of arcane rules about what you can and can't do with parked sites.


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