Dallas Cowboys $275K Auction Blunder

Make Money Online - Dallas Cowboys Shoot Themselves in Both Feet!

Ever bought something on Ebay and wish you hadn't ? Well the Dallas Cowboys appear to have done something similar. In a recent domain name auction (an auction where you bid on domain names!) the Dallas Cowboys bought the domain name for the tidy sum of $275,000 . The only problem is that they thought they had bought if for $275 !

Apparently, when they got the invoice there was a big collective 'oops' ! So they asked if they could cancel the sale. This is all a bit odd however, as one commentator put it they probably make more than that in popcorn sales, so what's all the fuss about ?

And how could they possibly think they were buying it for $275 !? Are they nuts ? Can't they read? They apparently said that they were willing to go to $10,000 before the auction started. So who was in charge of the bidding ? It all sounds very strange to me.

Brett Daniels, the team's director for client services, confirmed the team had the winning bid.

However, after they discovered the domain name was for six-figures not three, they asked the seller if the sale could be voided.

The seller, however, seems to have his head screwed on right as he agreed to cancel the sale. He then sold it to someone else in the 'silent' auction for $370,000 ! Lol. Now why didn't the cowboys think of that ?

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