Halloween Spam Warning

Make Money Online - Spam Warning for Halloween

Take care this Halloween there is more spam going round. Internet security firm Marshal is warning that a malicious Halloween spam e-mail is doing the rounds.

Marshal says the spam invites you to visit a Web site and download a “dancing skeleton” – but of course what you really get is a trojan named “halloween.exe”. A copy of the Storm Trojan which will compromise your PC and merge it into a botnet – a network of PCs that can be controlled remotely by a server.

The messages arrive with the following subject lines :
 For people with a sense of humor only
 Halloween Fun
 Happy Halloween
 If your in your office, keep the speakers low, lol
 Nothing is funnier this Halloween
 Party on this Halloween
 The most amazing dancing skeleton
 This will make you laugh
 You'll laugh your but off [sic]

So, spammers still can't spell despite being able to write programs. So if you get one don't open it and don't visit the website.


  1. Spam can be so funny at times. They will do anything to get you to read their e-mails lol


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