Man Finds Diamond in Arkansas Field

Make Money Online - Man Finds Diamond In Arkansas (Not) - Update 18 March 2008

[Apparently it ain't so. The guy who 'found' the diamonds apparently put them there himself (see comment 3 below) - why would he do that ? Because he bought them from India (although it seems he also forgot to pay for them) then dropped them in the field in Arkansas and 'found' them, because these particular types of Arkansas diamonds are worth more than their equivalent Indian diamonds. The field does exist though and people do find diamonds there, just not the ones mentioned below.]

It can hardly be classified as making money online, but interesting nevertheless. A Wisconsin man found a 3.92-carat white diamond digging at an Arkansas diamond park with his fiancee on Tuesday. I didn't know such places existed ! We certainly haven't got any here in the UK.

Eric Blake, 32, of Appleton, Wis., found the stone at the Crater of Diamonds State Park when he put down a 70-pound bucket of mud he was carrying. He had already found a 1.49 carat stone on Monday.

The Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas is a place where you can look for diamonds with your family and you get to keep anything you find. It's unlikely to make you rich but it could be a fun day out for you and the kids or the fiancee.


  1. Nice. i wouldn't mind a bit of that luck. I was reading this thing and their is $700 US million of unclaimed diamonds or lost diamonds around the world. It is possible.

  2. Yup - me too - but it sounds like fun if you liv enear the place to just go and have a look anyway. Kids should like it !

  3. Actually he "salted" the Arkansas Diamond Park, meaning he planted the diamonds there. He is a scurvy fake con-artist. The Diamonds are not actually from Arkansas at all, he imported them form INDIA.

    Read all about it at

  4. Thanks for the update SG - nice work !


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