.Mobi Domain Name Auction Update

Make Money Online - .Mobi Domain Name Auction Update

The Sedo .mobi auction is drawing to a close - only a couple of hours to go -

The highest price bid is still $30,000 for but other names have received increased bids is now at $19,750 credit cards . mobi and insurance .mbi are both up to $18,000 at $19,500 and at $19,000 haven't moved.

So it will be interesting to see if there is a last minute flurry of activity like there is at eBay


  1. did you happen to see what the ended up going for?

  2. My motivation comes from the positive comments that I receive and the satisfaction of knowing that people actually want to hear what I have to say

  3. I have not yet decided whether a .mobi domain name is worth investing in as I don't see myself getting many hits from them, any thoughts??

  4. Hi,
    No, unfortunately I've been a bit busy and was not able to keep up with the sale. I know that went for $101K. I'll try and get a list of all the names sold over the weekend.

  5. Hi Nick,
    An interesting looking site you've got. Just noticed your comment today ! There must be something wrong with this software - or my brain !

  6. Nick - i agree .mobi at the moment will not get too many hits - but they only cost around $10 to register so it might be worth it just to prevent other people registering the name you want. .mobi certainly seems to be gaining in visibility so next year you may find you will be getting more hits - plus you can advertise it on your website so people can check it out while they are on the move.


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