Publisher Wants Your Manuscript!

Make Money Writing Books!

What a novel idea.

If you think you might have what it takes to make money writing then you may be interested to learn that the publishing firm HarperCollins UK will be launching a website which will allow you to submit manuscripts for others to have a look at and pass coment on.

If you are fed up of receiving rejection slips then this might be novel way to find out if anybody actually likes what you write.

No more stuffing manuscripts into envelopes and waiting months. From early 2008 you will be able to upload your masterpieces to - the new HarperCollins website for aspiring novelists. You upload your manuscript, other people offer their considered opinion and HarpetCollins will have a look. They have guaranteed to consider the most popular scripts for publication.

Victoria Barnsley, of HarperCollins UK, said: "Very often we hear from budding new authors who tell us their script was loved by their family, book group or wide circle of friends.

"Authonomy is an opportunity for these authors to woo a large audience, get an army of support behind them, and really test whether their work has got what it takes to make it."

HarperCollins says the initiative is "groundbreaking".

We all know how difficult it is to be accepted by a publisher - Harry Potter author JK Rowling was rejected by a dozen publishers before Bloomsbury took her on and even they only printed 3000 copies of her first novel.

A HarperCollins spokeswoman said: "Authonomy will connect unpublished authors with keen, talent-spotting readers. The site will invite aspiring writers to upload their manuscripts for the community to discuss, debate and recommend to other readers."

So there you have it, what more could you want? If you think you have what it takes - amazing talent, blind optimism, a rich mum, total belief in your own ability to absorb criticism, then give it a shot. And if you make it into the big-time please remember who set you onto your road to fame and fortune !


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