Retired? Make Money Online via Google

Make Money Online using Adsense

USA Today has published an excellent article on how people who have retired can now make money online using Adsense and other advertising methods.

Some retired people and assorted entrepreneurs in general are making money online from blogs and websites. Others are just making a bit of extra cash, but it is very democratic, you don't have to look like Brad Pitt or be the world's best anything. If you can type, you can do it.

Jerry Alonzy a 57 year-old handyman now makes $120K a year from the Adsense ads on his Natural Handyman website "I put in two, maybe three hours a day on the site, and the checks pour in," he says. "What's not to like?"

Jerrold Foutz, 75, who used to be en engineer with Boeing has a website on “switching mode power supplies”, all about what goes on inside video cameras !
Four years ago he decided to put Adsense ads on his smpstech.com site. The first month his check from Google was for $800. !The second check was $2,000.

He now makes - around $25,000 a year. Check out his website, he's just put up a very useful page about how to get started with your own online Adsense business Making a Website for Adsense income

Hope Pryor has a recipe site Cooks Recipes which brings in nearly $90,000 a year, mostly from Adsense.

According to Hope the holidays are the most profitable times of the year. Last December, she earned $30,000 from Google ! That's good going, especially from recipes, which it seems to me lots of people must be able to write about.

If that all sounds too easy, then somewhere along the line I guess it is. I've been blogging for around 6 months and so far the money has not reached the giddy heights mentioned above. My other blog http://www.sharescity.com/ brings in more money than this one, but even so it's nothing to write home about (which is why I'm writing about it here instead!) About $40 a month I guess. Clearly I'm doing something wrong, maybe I should start writing about something with a wider appeal and with not so much competition?

In actual fact the day job has been stopping me doing much, but the USA Today article inspired me to give it all some more thought.

Joel Comm, the author of The AdSense Code, says: "People are amazed. They say, 'Really, all I have to do is write, Google will put ads on my site and pay me?' Yes, it's that simple."

Yes, it is that simple, in theory, but the people who make the most money put in a lot of time setting up their site and providing lots of content.
Jerry Alonzy says "Write about what you know, write like mad and often. The more you write, the more opportunities you have to make money. If you post 500 pages on a topic, you'll have 500 pages with ads, and many more potential clicks." So maybe it's all just math?

So if you haven't tried it yet, give it a go. A blog is easier than a website and a blog with blogger is free. Just go to blogger.com and sign up. Whether you're retired or just want another way of making money there really is nothing to lose. With more and more advertising money being spent online there is certainly plenty of opportunity.

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