Cellphone Jammers Block Phone Calls

Make Money Online - Block Annoying Mobile Phone Calls with a Cellphone Jammer

Have you ever been privileged to hear somebody else's rather annoying, loud and possibly rude cellphone conversation ? I guess the answer to that is yes. Well despair not, you can now get your own back thanks to a handy 'cellphone jammer' or 'mobile phone jammer' of your very own ! The little gadget is the size of a cigarette packet and, by means of a powerful radio signal, it can block any cellphone transmission within a radius of 30 feet (10 meters).

According to the NY Times a growing band of people intent on revenge are starting to use cellphone jammers. The technology is not new, but its use is on the increase, apparently hundreds are being bought every month in the US — which is leading to scrutiny from federal regulators and is causing concern in the mobile phone industry.

The devices cost between $50 and several hundred dollars. There are even larger models which can be left on permanently, thus creating a 'no call zone' - which is rather worrying.

In fact, despite the increase in use, it is illegal to use cellphone jammers in the United States, and I suspect in other countries too. The radio frequencies are 'protected' , and the FCC says first offenders could be fined $11,000.

Perhaps being rude and obnoxious in public should also be made illegal ! Some people, however, seem rather pleased at the possibilities offered by cellphone jammers and seem willing to take the risk of being prosecuted just for the fun of switching someone else's phone off.

If you want to get one then Google will no doubt find one for you !


  1. I especially like when someone receives an sms near loud speakers. Nice irritating effect. No one cares anymore about other people!

  2. Not something I've come across but it sounds very annoying. I predict a sharp increase in the sale of jammers.


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