My Pagerank Improved - But How?

Make Money Online - My Page Rank Improved - Hallelujah !

It turns out that to make money online blogging Pagerank is not important at all - so don't read the rest of this post !

After the recent upheavals in the strange world that is the Google Page ranking system I have been pleasantly surprised, not to say quite amazed, to discover that the pagerank of this blog has actually improved from a 2 to a 3 ! Quite amazing really given that just about everybody and his dog has been complaining about their page rank dropping, sometimes quite drastically. For an excellent post on the recent page rank downgrades and Google slaps see - Andy Beard Pagerank Update

By way of comparison has a PR of 4 which, I believe used to be 5. has a pagerank of 6 although it did fall to 5 for a while. has a PR of 3 (same as me!) as does Paula Mooney's blogger blog Paula Mooney and is now back up to 4.

So my page rank is the same as Courtneytuttle's ! Lol, it makes me laugh, because I've got no idea why that should be so, both Courtneytuttle and Paula Mooney have excellent sites full of insightful information for bloggers, whereas my site has been sorely neglected recently, although it does contain an excellent Christmas Cake recipe by the great Mrs Beeton herself ! Mrs Beeton's Christmas Cake Recipe

So it just goes to show how difficult it is trying to figure out page rank and the workings of the Google psyche. I've got no idea how I managed to improve my pagerank, the only thing I can say is that I don't buy or sell links, don't participate in link farms or join lists or the dofollow movement etc....

If you want to know what your own pagerank is, have a look here - Check Page Rank

I think PR3 is a quite amazing achievement, only 1 behind John Chow ! So don't forget to check out that Christmas Cake recipe :-).


  1. it's easy backlinks make your PR go up.

  2. Thanks for the explanation. The implication is that I have as many backlinks as Courtney Tuttle, which seems a little unlikely given the amount of readers I get compared to the amount he gets. It also seems, if that is the case, that PR is not a very good way of judging a site's popularity.

  3. At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, The Money Blog was created in August and jumped from unranked to GPR-4 at the update in October.

    "Make Money Online" is quite correct. I offered you a chance to join a viral link, which you declined, but which worked. I also spent long hours writing to money bloggers, asking them to swap links. Finally, I set up my own article directory which folk can use to take stuff from. Hopefully that will give me links in the future.

    I suspect that you are running too many blogs - my two are difficult enough, but running your platoon of them must be impossible.

    Wanna swap sidebar links? Drop me a line, please.

  4. You have 1,700 inlinks, and The Money Blog has about 800.

    It is not about absolute numbers. Google does not count no-follow links, but Yahoo does. Also Google weighs links - links from big sites are worth more than links from small ones.

  5. Hi Ken,
    Well done on the PR4. The reason I was surprised this blog has gone up to PR3 from PR2 is because, as you no doubt know, lots of people were downgraded by Google, notably some of the famous bloggers such as John Chow and Problogger, even Courtney Tuttle who knows far more about blogging, PR, SEO etc... than I ever will was demoted to PR3, so I expected to be a PR0. So pagerank is a weird and wonderful science indeed. Having said that, being a PR3 hasn't made any difference to the number of readers!
    I know I've got too many blogs, but most of them are not being updated, just this one and basically. How's the viral linking coming along? I've put your link in the sidebar.

  6. I am bit confused about this whole page rank thing actually. There is indeed a drastic changed of PR few months back. Anyway I think it is really hard to figure out google way of ranking some blogs and site. Because there are blogs and site that are unique and creative and with original posts that are of low PR compared to those blogs that have low content but with high PR. Anyway congrats for your PR you deserve it.

  7. Thanks pet guy. For some reason your link doesn't work but your pet site looks interesting.

  8. Your link is up at The Money Blog. Text reads "Money From The Internet". Let me know if that wants changing. Mine should read The Money Blog, please.

    Received wisdom has it that Google penalised sites that take paid links. However, they have not gone after the sponsored postings merchants. It may be that they can't fund us as easily as they can find the text linkers.

    Or to could be that they have changed their algorithm to make it easier to get to a GPR-4, but then make it harder to climb above that.


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