Make Money Online with Metacafe Videos

Make Money Online with Videos on Metacafe

Metacafe is similar to Youtube, i.e. it is a site to which people upload videos. The difference, however, is that with Metacafe you can make money online at the same time, as they are willing to pay you for the videos you upload. They pay $5 for every 1,000 views of your video, although they only pay out after your video has been viewed 20,000 times.

Unlike Youtube, Metacafe goes to great lengths to filter the content on its site in order to prevent pirated material being uploaded and also to make sure only high quality videos are shown.

The site already has around 2 million users in the UK but is aiming to increase this number by tempting British video makers to use the site to make money online.

YouTube is also rumoured to be considering offering payments.

The person who has earned the most from Metcafe calls himself Kipkay, and he is rumoured to have earned over $82,000 in just one year from a series of 92 short ‘how to’ videos, such as "how to get out of handcuffs" and "how to make a cheap lie detector". Another user, called Shootingeggs, has earned more than $20,000 from videos of scientific experiments on subjects as varied as how to make flash powder and self-lighting candles.

Erick Hachenburg, Metacafe CEO, said: "If you create quality content in the user-generated content space, you should be paid for it." What a novel idea !

So if you have any talent of any sort and are able to make a video of it, what are you waiting for ? According to Hachenburg users can make thousands of dollars overnight if they produce quality videos. "Last year advertisers said you could never advertise on user-generated content. Now they are asking how they can advertise on user-generated content."


  1. Very interesting and yet another Monetization strategy I hadn't known about! Happy New Year to you!

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