Make Money Online with Squidoo!

Make Money Online With Squidoo

A few months ago I wrote a couple of posts about Squidoo, the site created by the highly successful serial entrepreneur Seth Godin, wondering out loud whether it was possible to make money online through Squidoo - see Squidoo Bucks or Squidoo Sucks and Seth Godin Sinks the Spammers. The principle is simple, you create a page on Squidoo on whatever topic you like, people visit your page and click on the ads. or buy stuff after clicking on links and you get paid a commission. Some people apparently make hundreds of dollars a month. Well after battling away with the system for around 6 months I did indeed make some money - $8.42 ! Woohoo.

I've got 3 pages at the moment, one on designer handbags Designer Handbags , one on very expensive Franck Muller watches Franck Muller Watches and one on Christmas shopping ideas Christmas Presents. The money is obviously a ridiculously small amount for the number of hours I've put in and I honestly don't know how people make hundreds a month on it, unless they have around 300 pages set up!

My designer handbag lens was at one point no. 33 in the shopping group, but if you don't update your page every day it soon slips back down, I was no. 570 yesterday. I will battle on through Christmas but then if there has been no significant improvement I will knock it on the head, unless someone lets me in on the secret of what you need to do to get visitors. But I won't be holding my breath.


  1. Hi Old Vic!
    I am new to Squidoo, but I think the secret is to sprinkle affiliate links throughout your text for the products you are recommending. Many lens visitors become immune to the ebay and amazon ads. But respond better to personal recommendations. Since I was logged on to when catching your post, I searched for luxury bags and voila! is on there. You could sign up with them and grab some affiliate links and update your designer bag lens with thier offers.
    As for getting visitors to your lens. Did you submit it to all the social bookmarking sites? And blog about it?
    Hope this helps! :)

  2. Hi Harmony,
    Thanks for the advice it sounds like a good idea, I'll give it a go ! I don't use social bookmarking sites, but perhaps I should start, people certainly seem to talk about them a lot. Which is your squidoo lens ?
    Regards, Vic

  3. I have many lenses and counting. Some need more polishing but here are two that I've used affiliate links in:

  4. I am fairly new to squidoo myself. I am still working on increasing me lens ranking. lol

    Your post is good, with tips I can surely try on my lens. Thanks for the info! :)

  5. You are thinking along the correct lines when talking about having hundreds of lenses :) . I made about $600 off of squidoo last month, and my payouts are going up pretty steadily. I've put together a list of free publishing tips that usually get me indexed within a couple of hours and send 10-15 hits to the lens right away.

    It's called the Squidoo Lens Publishing Checklist. Check it out and let me know if it helps !

    -The Captain

  6. Loyalis - thanks for the info. I'll check out the ebook. I see you have 223 lenses - how do you manage to keep them all regularly updated ? I find updating 2 is trouble enough! Or have you found a way to make them self-updating ?

  7. Hi and congrats to your "earnings" ;)

    No really, 8 bucks for 3 squidoo lenses seems like it isn't worth the effort, but I think by using some other strategies it's really possible to make even some hundred bucks a month.

    Maybe something like bum or article marketing, e.g. using Squidoo (and other article directories) to drive traffic to a niche affiliate site. I'm about testing this approach and I hope it will pay off.


  8. Hi

    I'm up to 12 bucks with Squidoo now ! You may be right about driving traffic to other sites - I've heard other people mention that. Good luck with your efforts.


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