Paris Hilton Disinherited (Almost)

Make Money Online- Paris Hilton Disinherited (Almost)

Paris Hilton has apparently been disiniherited by her billionaire Grandpa (almost). He has said that 97% of his billion dollar fortune will go to charities. (I would put up a picture, but you all know what she looks like already).

It is expected she will only receive 5 million dollars compared to the 100 million she was expecting. It’s all relative of course, most people would be happy to be left 5 million dollars in a will, my guess is that 5 million dollars represents a couple of weeks shopping for Paris Hilton.

Rumour has it that Grandpa Hilton has not been too impressed with Paris’s behaviour which has been a great embarassment to the family name.
Paris first became famour after a sex tape appeared on the internet in 2003.

This year she went to jail for driving with a suspended licence.
She spent Christmas in Hawaii, but has been spotted partying with K Fed in Las Vegas recently.

She may not inherit the fortune she expected but she has made a fortune already from wearing dresses (she’s a model) acting and singing, product endorsements and personal appearances.

She also helped design a collection of purses, plus a jewelry line for In 2004, she was ‘involved’ in the creation of a perfume line by Parlux Fragrances. She launched a new fragrance, her fourth, in October 2007, called “Can Can” by Paris Hilton. She has also released a line of hair extensions with Hair Tech International.

There has also been footwear and nightclubs. All of which goes to show she probably has more than enough money to get by with out grandpa’s 100 million and the world is a totally nonsensical heap of dust in the middle of nowhere.

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  1. I don't think Paris Hilton will be ever disinherited. She may be a problem daughter but I think her parents won't do that.


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