Record Domain Name Prices in 2007

Make Money Online - Record Domain Name Prices in 2007

According to the figures provided by DNJournal 2007 was a record year for domain name sales. For the first time every name in the Top 100 achieved a price of $100,000 or more. The last name to crack the $100k barrier before the end of the year was the conveniently named when it sold for $100,444

The highest non dotcom was at no. 10 with $957,937 followed by (austria) at no. 14 with $590,949. The first was at no. 31 with $309,901 the first .net was at no. 32 with $300,000. Significantly there were 5 .mobi in the top 100 list. The year also saw the first large .in sale with selling for $60,000.

In 2006 only 70 names achieved over $100k which means there has been a significant rise in just 1 year. There were also 9 sales of $1 million and over in 2007, compared to only 3 in 2006.

The first week of 2008 has seen the sale of for $81,000 by Moniker in a live auction. The next highest was, sold by for $29,000 with in 3rd position at $19,800.

So prices are going up. In a future post I will work out the average prices for 2006 and 2007.

If you don't have any domain names it's very easy to get them you just buy them ! You can register any name that you can make up, if it hasn't already been registered, for as little as $8. Once you've bought the name you can 'park' it while waiting to find a buyer, at a parking company where you get a share of the ad. revenue they obtain from the ads. they place on your domain. It's free and can bring in some money, but it's better to put in a little effort and try to come up with a good 'generic' name, such as (it's already gone by the way) or go for different extension other than .com, such as .net, .in, .tv etc... for more information on parking check out NameDrive


  1. I hope my domain registering pays off! I've registered about 18...including a cool 'Buyinga' Franchise, including etc
    Dont worry its not spam haha, theres nothin on those pages and there wont be for a long time. Do you reckon the page im working on at the moment has a promising domain?

  2. Hi Mike,

    The name seems a bit long and too many hyphens for my linking but the site looks fine so maybe you know more what you're doing than I do ? Do you get many visitors ?


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