Top Domain Name Sales in 2007

Make Money Online - Domain Sales 2007

As I wrote in my previous post Rise in Top Domain Name Prices - the prices paid for the top 100 domain names sold in 2007 rose by over 43% compared with 2006, with an average price of $426,825 in 2007 compared with $297,750 in 2006. It is also interesting to note that although .com is still by far the most sought after domain extension, there has in fact been a rise in the prices paid for, and the number of, other extensions sold.

The figures for 2007 show that 83 of the top 100 domain names sold were .com, compared with 87 out of 100 in 2006.

In 2007, surprisingly, the most popular extension in the top 100, after .com, was .mobi - with 5 sales, averaging $127k each, followed by (4 sales at an average price of $224k) and .net (4 sales at an average price $216k)

In 2006 the most popular after .com were .net and .org with 3 sales each (averaging $241k and $118k respectively).

So far in 2008 there has only been one sale of over $100k -, which has just sold for $130,000 at Moniker's T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East live auction.

Personally I expect to see more large non .com sales over 2008, provided the economy as a whole holds up, and a possible rise in the popularity of the .tv extension and we may even see a large .in sale or two.

2007 Non-dotcom sales in the Top 100 with their price - 957k - 590k – 310k – 300k – 248k - 200k – 181k – 180k – 175k – 158k – 150k – 145k – 129k – 129k – 115k – 110k – 101k

2006 Non-dotcom sales in the Top with their price – 717k – 454k – 329k – 300k – 200k – 196k – 150k – 149k – 118k – 105k – 100k – 100k – 80k


  1. Thanks for those resources. I read some of it and find it very useful for my blog too.


  2. You're welcome - and yes there are people with plenty of money willing to pay thousands and millions for good domain names

  3. As I write we are in day two of what looks like a possible meltdown in worldwide stock markets. Hopefully someone will get a grip on this but it looks as though there is a good chance of recession in the US and possible the UK. my guess is that this may have quite a depressing effect not on domain sale prices but also things like Adsense income and affiliate income - what does your crystal ball say?

  4. My crystal ball says it will all end in tears ! But then it always does.
    On a more specific level I expect the next 6 month sto be difficult but those that are stil standing 6 months from now should be OK


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