$1million Paid for Cruises Domain

Make Money Online - Big Money Domain Sales

Domain sales are a good way of making money online and they are off to a flying start in 2008. Just 5 weeks into the new year and there have already been some big money domain sales - the top ten are : - $1,099,798 - $750,000
a mystery name - $200,000 - $130,000 - $130,000 - $107,000 - $81,000 - $76,500 - $70,896 - $70,300

At this time last year there had only been 4 sales over $100,000 and the highest of those was at $129,000

So it would seem that 2008 is on track to be even better than 2007 for domain sales, despite the problems with economies around the world and the credit crunch.


  1. This is great, Old Vic.

    I'm totally into domaining now -- taking my time to research what dot com would really be hot and make money.


  2. Hi Paula,
    Good luck with the domaining. I'm more into domaining/parking than blogging too, but as good dotcoms are very hard to find, unless you are willing to pay high prices, or unless your research comes up with the next 'big thing', I have been buying a lot of .in domains, India is a big place and they are getting more and more connected to the Internet, but I'm still blogging as it does bring in some money which I can then re-invest into domain names.
    If you heard an ad. when my blog loaded, then that was what I was referring to. Not sure how much it will accrue for the coffers but it's easy enough to set up.
    I wish you and I both success with the domaining and I suspect I'll bump into you at Namepros sometime. Vic

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  4. It is too much for the domain and i'm sceptical if the will return the investment.


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