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Make Money Online - Christian Science Monitor Discusses Domain Names

I was rather surprised to come across an article on the Christian Science Monitor website about investing in domain names, perhaps it's a sign of how knowledge about domain name investing is spreading out from the rather isolated and closed secretive world of domainers into the wider world (there was also an article recently in the New York Times) or perhaps Paula Mooney has been using her Christian influence !

The CSM points out that while housing markets are slumping, prices for Internet real estate are actually rising - over 100 domain sales sold for over $100,000 last year, which is a first, but they may have got that information from reading my blog !

The CSM article - gives lots of useful insights into the domaining industry in general and future trends, but two snippets of information stood out for me, namely that Rick Schwartz, the owner of candy.com and one of the very big hitters in the domaining industry expects that if he ever sells the site it will be for somewhere in excess of $2 million, and also that the site gets over 1500 visitors every day. The visitors just type candy.com into their browser bar (that's what happens when you let kids play with your computer !).

If ten per cent of those visitors click on an ad. and each ad. pays Rick Schwartz $1 then he is making $150 a day from that one site for doing practically nothing. $150 may not sound like a lot but it works out to $54,750 a year from just one site, and Rick Schwartz has lots of sites (over 6,000 I believe) ! Also my estimates may be conservative.

The problem for us newcomers of course is that all the hot dotcoms are already sold so if you want to buy one you have to come up with some serious money.

Personally, I am going down the .in route. .in is the TLD for India but it can also represent other things e.g. Internet, Information etc... plus India has an educated middle class of over 350 million, all of whom speak perfect English, plus you can still find .in domains e.g. Designer Handbags or flashdrives.in , that have never been registered.

You can pick up .ins for around $5 and park them and earn money on them straight away at parking companies such as NameDrive. Once parked, if people click on the ads. then you earn a percentage of the money made. They are nowhere near as valuable as dotcoms but poker.in sold recently for $60,000. Some people think I am nuts wasting my money on an untested domain extension, hopefully I will prove them wrong.

In another departure from tradition, I have just invested in two Klingon domain names ! Maveq.com and ngech.com - maveq means ritual dagger in Klingon and ngech means valley or cleavage ! So lots of scope for a Klingon porn site :-), but more about that later.

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