Freephone Directory Enquiry Numbers

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Freephone Directory Enquiry Numbers

I don't know what it's like in the rest of the world but here in the freemarket UK you normally have to pay to find out a telephone number you don't know. This was a scam introduced by British Telecom a few years back to boost their profits - it used to be free - it's a bit like going into a shop and having to pay to find out if they've got what you are looking for. It may cost you around £1 ($2) to find a number - which will soon add up if you need to do it often.

But I have now come across some freephone numbers that will find a number for you (you have to listen to a 20 second ad.) and also some free websites that will give you the number - for full details about the services see Martin Lewis' excellent site :

The Freephone Directory Enquiry numbers are :

0800 100 100 or 0800 118 3733

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