Hotmail Down Again

Make Money Online - Hotmail Down Again

Yes, Hotmail is down again in case you were wondering. The service has been patchy all day with services unavailable in the USA and the UK and quite possibly throughout the rest of the world (have the Pakistanis taken objection to something someone wrote in an e-mail? and pulled the plug?) the outage is causing some havoc for Hotmail users who are voicing their comments on social websites .

There have been numerous reports from hotmail users in the USA in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey and also in the UK and elsewhere that Microsoft's e-mail service was not working or very slow.

Service was restored but then disappeared again.

At the moment is the service is either very slow or non-existent.

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  1. Tell me about it. I was trying desperatly to get into my e-mail all morning. I was wondering if it was just ISP. Thanks for the information.


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