Lose Weight Quickly

Make Money Online - How Can I Lose Weight Quickly?

The best way to burn fat apparently is by exercising in short, intense bursts; increase the amount of resistance training you do, which builds more muscle; cut down on the amount of food you stuff in your face.

There's no need to exercise for long periods over and over, 12 - 15 minutes is enough, as long periods of exercise makes the body think it needs to store fat ! Resistance training builds muscle and muscle burns more calories than fat.

Vary your exercises, you can do a long period of exercise but not every day, Resistance does build muscle and makes your bones stronger. Experts recommend two short intense (relative to your fitness) periods a week (15 minutes), two moderate periods (40 minutes) walking or cycling, one long period (60 - 90 minutes) walking.

So there you have it, you thought you could lose weight quickly ! So did I ! It turns out you've got to exercise 5 times a week for at least 5 hours ! Lol.

It's yet another scam, probably sponsored by Nike or Adidas to get you to buy more trainers !

I say - Eat Less ! - it'll save you money !

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