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Make Money Online - How Much is My Blog Worth?

This blog, about making money online has been going for around a year now. I really don't consider it to be one of the most exciting blogs around ! But there have been strange changes in the blogosphere lately. So I have drawn up a list of negatives and positives regarding this blog to highlight the fact that blogging is not an exact science and seems at time highly illogical.

The Negatives
I'm a pretty rubbish blogger ! I still don't understand much about SEO, keywords, backlinks, trackbacks (are they the same?), pings, technorati rank, nofollow and dofollow (which is which? and which am I?), stumbling, clouds, carnivals, plus a whole load of other stuff I can't remember etc... etc... most of this stuff just makes me lose the will to live, I have tried to get my head around it but it just refuses to absorb any of it.

I don't get an enormous amount of visitors, I don't think I've got a single subscriber via Feedburner or any other system, I don't even know how I would find out if I've got any or not, I don't much like the layout of the blog so I keep changing it but never like the changes, I often feel as if I'm talking to myself, I get very few comments and 75% of the ones I do get are spam ("nice advices Dear, please tell me more such extra informations!") that I delete , the blog doesn't bring in much dosh dosh, (my football blog does much better), I waffle on about stuff unrelated to my supposed subject (making money online), I have stopped reading other blogs and leaving comments 'cause I'm basically a lazy sod and seeing so much energy expended on blogs makes me want to go back to bed, I did try to set up a Wordpress blog as I think they look better, but found the software totally incomprehensible and it did my head in just trying to read the help files and scouring forums for information which rarely solved my problems, so I dumped Wordpress and came back to good old blogger. I could go on but you get the picture.

The Positives
I've been getting more spam comments (why that is a positive will become clear later), I've even got some spam e-mail, which means that somebody has taken the time to find out what my e-mail address is and send me some spam (yummmy) (spammers - get a life ! go spam someone who is likely to believe your bs ! ), I assume it was spam but I didn't bother to reply to find out as I figured I might end up with a nasty virus.

One guy said he wanted to put some ads on my blog ! I thought he was nuts and it must be spam because in the words of Groucho Marx "I would never join a club that would have me as a member". But then I got another e-mail from another genius, this guy offered me $4,800 dollars to stick some ads on my blog - I thought he was nuts and therefore probably dangerous so I didn't answer him either. Anybody offering me $4,800 to put an ad on a blog with 100 readers on a good day is clearly an idiot and probably does not have my best interests at heart.

But I have just discovered why I think there has been an increase in spam directed at my good self, namely, this undernourished and rather neglected blog has for some incomprehensible reason been upgraded from a PR3 (which I already found amazing) to a PR4 ! What on earth is going on ?
So clearly something weird is going on (and no my dad doesn't work at Google).

Anyway, - a device that tells you how much your blog is worth and was amazed to discover that this blog is now worth $64,357.36 !! The 64,000 dollar answer !

The only way this blog is going to be worth $64,000 is if somebody offers me $64,000 for it and I say yes (which I might be tempted to do), However, the last time I used Dave Carlson's blogulator a couple of months ago it said I was worth $1,500 or thereabouts, so an increase of 40 x is pretty good going, particularly given the way I have been neglecting this blog.

I don't even know when Google re-did their page ranking. I lost interest as I was convinced I would be booted back down to 0 ! But now I might make more of an effort and post twice a week instead of once ! I would have thought also that having a page rank of 4 might somehow lead to more money, but so far not at all. All very strange and confusing.

So anyway I have a question if one of my elusive and knowledgeable readers would care to leave an answer, how much is a blog, and in particular this blog, actually worth ? And how much do people pay for PR4 blogs ? Answers below please :-)


  1. Hmmmm, Interesting blog. I don't know how much your blog is worth but you should be making more money with it!
    Try using Pay Per Post or some other similar site to start making some money daily. The bids to post on a pr4 site are pretty high and if you disclose to your readers which posts are sponsored, then they should be ok with that.

    Also, try exchanging links with other pr4 and pr5 sites before the next google update.

    That way you can maybe get a pr5.

  2. Thanks for the advice Chris. I already use payperpost and have made around $15 a month using it. Since my upgrade I have had a look at their 'offers' but so far nothing has tempted me, but I do expect to be re-posting for them soon when I see a nice offer.
    I hadn't thought about exchanging links but I will look into that too. Do you know anything about selling blogs ? One guy recently sold his for $8000.

  3. Lol, I managed to post as anonymous on my own blog !

  4. When I first started blogging I thought it was hilarious when I was told that the more spam comments and spam emails I received the better my site was doing.

  5. Yup, I never even knew - it must be a real pain for people with really popular blogs

  6. I just found out my blog is worth 0.00 because it is brand new. Dane carlson is inventor of how is my blog worth. I guess one of things you could do to make money is affiliate links, banners but just do not over crowd your site.

  7. Yes I guess I could, I just don't have a lot of time at the moment to do anything very much, which is why I am surprised this blog has become a PR4.

  8. Hey Vic,

    I hear all kinds of warnings about pay per post and reviewme. It's funny, you have to have some PR to make any money with sponsored reviews but, once you start doing sponsored reviews you run the risk of getting Google slapped by the GoogFather.

    My plan was (and maybe still is) to start like 40 blogs that aren't spam blogs but aren't great blogs, and use them for writing paid reviews. On alot of the paid review sites you're only allowed about 3 posts daily per blog. So I planned to have like 40 blogs in maybe 10 different niches. That way you have more flexibiliy when it comes to accepting the paid reviews.

    I quickly did the math in my head when I first thought of it. If you have 40 blogs (really low maintenence blogs!-but not spammy) and you post one review each day on all 40 blogs, that equals $200. Or even if you only post on half of them it's still $100 a day.

    There are a ton of "pay you to blog" sites out there but again, the problem is when the google update comes, you could go from PR4 to PR0 and then you're all done.

    Perhaps the way to go is to start not niche blogs but just so called "personal" blogs. Blogs you can just fill up with all sorts of stuff. This way when you do your reviews they wont really appear irrelevant to your blog...because personal blogs are frequently disorganized when it comes to content.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  9. Hi Chris,

    I've heard warnings about payperpost too - so far it hasn't affected me, I've done a few posts for ppp and I still went up to PR4 maybe it depends how many you do.
    You also need to have some other posts on your blog not just ppp posts. 40 blogs sounds like a lot ! That means a lot of work ! My advice would be to find a miche you are really interested in then concentate on making it a highly popular/controversial blog -so that you get many thousands of visitors each day - that way the ad revenue will be a lot more than you can make doing ppp posts. For some ideas about the sort of sites people makea lot of money from have a look at my earlier post (one person makes thousands a month with a site just about dogs) - - to make over $4K a month you need to get your Alexa ranking below 25,000 just to give you an idea.

  10. Hi chris i agree with vic on this coz i too heard about the warnings about payerpost. and of course he is right that you also need to have someother post not just the same one.


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