New York Times Domainers Article

Make Money Online - Domainers in the New York Times

Buying and selling domain names is a very good way of making money online - There's a very good article about domaining in the New York Times today -

"The names of Web sites can be valuable, cash-generating assets just like stocks, bonds or property " This appears to becoming more widely accepted although many domainers who have been around for along time may nopt be too pleaed about it, as up until now they have had it pretty much to themselves.

Last year over 100 domain names were sold with a price of more than $100,000 each,, went for nearly $9.5 million but others such as also went for many millions. So if you've got any domain names lying about now might be the time to dust them off and sell them, or go out and buy some if you haven't got any !

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