$1.65M Purchase of

Make Money Online for Beginners $1.65M - Highest Domain Sale of the Year So Far has been sold for $1,659,000 making it the highest reported domain sale so far this year. The buyer is ESS Data Recovery who say that they bought the domain in order to set themselves apart from the increasing number of data recovery companies. This shows the value of generic domain names and is another example of a company purchasing a generic domain name to set themselves apart from their competition.

They already own and will keep it and redirect to it.

According to the company President Ben Carmitchel “... existing clients and new clients alike will benefit from easily finding our website.”

Domain sales so far this year also include which was sold for $ 1,099,798 the moral of the story is if you have generic domains you are in a good position, if you haven't got any you should try and get some !

Other six-figure sales include $125,000 and $101,000 .


  1. one of my friends sold for $8,000!

  2. Cool - well done to him/her. When and how are questions that spring to mind.


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