$1.75M Auction Update

Net Monetization : PIZZA.COM Auction Update is being auction on (not by me) - yesterday the price was at $601,000 (see my earlier post) today the price has already risen to $1,750,000 and the reserve still hasn't been met (update : the price is now $2 million and the reserve has been met - so the name is sold for at least $2 million). The auction still has 5 days left to run.

It will be interesting to see if it is sold. There were reports that the reserve had been set at $1 million but this is clearly not the case. So the next 5 days should prove interesting. It is not unheard of for these sort of auctions to be a slightly murky affair but with the price at $1.75 million already it may turn out to be a very high price indeed.


  1. All I need, is one of my domain names to become a radically popular phrase, and I can be a millionaire too!

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  3. Yup - there is crazy money in domain names I just hope that some of it comes my way some time soon ! Roberto I deleted you rcomment because the link was invalid. eventually sold for $2.6 million I think


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