Anti-China Violence in Tibet

Online Money Making - Protests in Tibet Against Chinese Occupation

Protesters in Tibet set fire to police vehicles and shops in the Tibetan capital Lhasa on Friday. This is part of the continuing demonstrations against the invasion of the Buddhist country by China 57 years ago.

The U.S. Embassy in Beijing advised Americans to stay away from Lhasa, stating it had “received firsthand reports from American citizens in the city who report gunfire and other indications of violence.”

The protests are the largest in 19 years by Tibetans seeking independence from China and the return of their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.

Tourists are very worried about events as the Chinese are known for their brutal repression of any and they have been warned to stay away from the monasteries.
According to one tourist who refused to give her nam or nationality “The Red Army is downtown. It's not safe to walk around. All the major monasteries are closed. Tourists don't feel comfortable walking around because police are all over.”


  1. I don't buy the whole media hype that Dalai Lama is such a saint. Well he is not. Under his rule, he has been known to be repressive and act like Catholics in the middle ages also. Also look at this article.

    People should questioned what is being fed to them by mass media. Also why is violence suddenly flairing up as it nears the olympic?

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Interesting stuff. I don't buy the story that the Tibetans and the Dalia Lama are perfect either, but I do believe Tibet was their country and Mao Tse Tung decided to invade it. Since then the Chinese have repressed the Tibetans and raped and murdered many thousands and are now populating Tibet with Chinese so as to make Tibetan second-class citizens in their own country. Of course the protests are timed to coincide with the Olympics, and why not? So, although the Tibetans aren't perfect that's not why the Chinese invaded. The Chinese should get out of a country which isn't theirs. There is of course also the possibility that China will revert to a Buddhist government, there seems to be a revival of Buddhism in China now that Communism has been dumped, so who knows what the future holds for the Chinese?

  3. While the Dalai Lama states that he wants Shangri-La to be only a independent district under China's greater power, I believe that Tibet should become a free nation again. Tibet has such a great history. Support Tibet and but Tibetan Handicrafts.


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