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How to Make Money Online Blogging - What is Blogging?

What is Blogging?

The word 'blog' is a contraction of 'web log' . So basically a blog is a log on the web i.e. a place where people write down their potted thoughts or write about something they are interested in and put it up on the Internet for all the world to see!

Some people do it as a business. They blog to make money. How to make money online blogging? You put ads. on your site and if people click on them to find out what they are about then the blogger gets paid a small commission.

After a year blogging and trying to make money online and somehow managing to get this blog up to a PR4 (update: it's back down to a PR0 now), I have just found out that I have been doing a whole load of stuff wrong. I'm not totally surprised as despite the title of this blog it doesn't make much money, so I knew something was wrong somewhere along the line, I make more money from my other 'football' blog Watch Football Online for Free

So how have I discovered what I have been doing wrong ? By finally stumbling across a blog that explains the basics of blogging in words of one syllable - hooray ! Where was this guy a year ago ? I don't know, but his blog is excellent, especially if you are using blogger, as it tells you how to set up blogger correctly, which boxes to tick and which to leave as they are etc... how to choose a blog title and description and no doubt a whole lot more that I haven't read yet - if you Google 'make money online for beginners' you will find him at the top of page 1. If you are using Wordpress there is a whole load of stuff that is relevant to blogging in general so you can skip the stuff about blogger. If you are a beginner and don't know whether you want to use Blogger or Wordpress, I strongly recommend Blogger, it is far easier to get started with and everything is totally free, you don't need to host anything anywhere, those nice people at Google take care of everything.

I have now finally got around to writing a post about how to make money online so I recommend you click on the link and have a read.

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