Google Parked Page Opt Out for Advertisers

Make Money Online - Google Says Advertisers Can Opt Out of Parked Pages

Parked pages are domain names that are not being used for websites, and are one form of online money making . so that the owner of the domain can make money from passing visitors - computingjobs[.]info is one such parked page. It has ads. for jobs in computing but not much else. Some advertisers would prefer it if their ads. didn't appear on such pages (this is not particularly logical, as these ads. convert into real customers just as well as other pages, but advertising is not a totally logical business) - so Google will now allow them to opt out from having their ads. appear on them.

This is BIG news for the 'domain parking' industry and parking companies such as

Namedrive in the short-term at least, there may be a drop off in revenue from the ads. displayed on parked pages. In the long-term it is more difficult to see what is going to happen. There is the possibility that advertisers will discover that their ads. on parked pages were actually bringing in revenue and so will opt back in, if they ever opted out in the first place. There is also the very real probablity that someone will come up with a viable way of creating ready-made pages for people with lots of domain names but non-existent web-development skills.

What is required is a system that creates a web page with no effort on the part of the owner of the domain name. This web page must look like an 'ordinary' web page and must attract visitors, it should also update automatically at regular intervals. Finally, it must avoid the problem of duplicate content (which Google doesn't like at all) and the resulting problem of de-indexed pages. So if you are a developer who thinks he/she can crack this particular problem, please get in touch !

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