Friday Up For Sale !

Make Money Online : PIZZA.COM Up For Auction

The domain name is up for sale by auction at Sedo (not by me) - the price at the moment after 21 bids is $349,000 (now $403,500 after 23 bids - now up to $602,000 (8.47 a.m. Friday EST)) - there are still 6 days to go before the auction ends so there's still time if you want to put in a bid. The reserve hasn't been met yet, but it is presumed to be around $1 million.

Domain names can be an interesting online money making system


  1. I am really amazed why the price of the site is so much expensive.What will one do with only, with out adding his brand name to it.

  2. Hi

    I really love log homes ! I wish we had more of them over here in the UK. How much do you think the name would be worth ? People get a lot of business just by having the 'killer' name like - Vic

  3. It would be great to have such a domain name and get a lot of business with just having the name 'pizza'. But I think its too expensive.

  4. That's some serious cash for a name. Then again you can't get a better URL than the single root word.


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