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Online Money Making - Remove the Blogger Navbar

At the top of most Blogger blogs that says 'Search Blog' 'Flag Blog' 'Next Blog' etc... It takes up room and doesn't look very nice! So you may decide you want to remove it.

It is in fact very easy to remove it from your blog, you just have to inser the right code .

  1. Click on 'customize' in the navbar or on 'Settings' in the dashboard.
  2. Click on 'Template' and 'Edit HTML'.
  3. Scroll down the HTML code a few lines until you see something like this

Blogger Template Style
Name: Minima Lefty Stretch
Designer: Douglas Bowman / Darren Delaye
Date: 14 Jul 2006
----------------------------------------------- */

The last line might be

Updated by: Blogger Team----------------------- */

After the last line and before the line that starts

/* Variable definitions

Insert the following code

#navbar-iframe { display: none !important;

Click 'save' and the navbar will have disappeared. To get it back just remove the code.

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