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Make Money Online - Top 50 Money Making Blogs

In the world of blogs that blog about how to make money online it's always useful to know which are the most successful and therefore which actually make the most money online and how they do it.

I've just come across an excellent list over at - They have put together the top 52 which they have ranked using a formula which they say rates the 'value of information and uniqueness' . The list is very useful but unfortunately it misses out one extremely important point - it doesn't tell us how much these blogs earn.

In that respect Paula Mooney's list was a lot more interesting and detailed, it is a year old now but still fascinating neverthless. To see the 19 blogs that make over $4,000 a month and the sort of Alexa ranking you need to aim for to join them - have a look here Top Blog Earners and Alexa Ranking

From this recent list my personal favourites are Dosh Dosh, John Cow (no 'h') and CourtneyTuttle. There are also some new names I will need to have a look at when I get more time. If you think you should be on the list but aren't just leave a comment.

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  1. I like John Cow as well, the logo just cracks me up. :-)

    I hadn't tried Dosh Dosh. I'm reading it now, very nice. Thank you for the recommendation!


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