Top Domain Sales 2008

Online Money Making - Top Domain Name Sales So Far This Year

Domain names are an interesting system for peole looking to make money online

Casino .de has just been sold for $625,000, that make sit the fifth highest so far this year, behind FUND.COM at $9,999,950 (were they too stingy to stump up the last $50 ?) DATARECOVERY.COM $1,659,000 - CRUISES.CO.UK $1,099,798 and iREPORT.COM sold to CNN for $750,000.

.com is still by far the most sought after extension with 80 sales in the top 100, followed by 7 x .net, 4 x .co.uk, 4 x .org, 2 x .de, 2 .fr and 1 .tv (there were 7 .tv sales in the top 100 in the whole of 2007)

GreenMonday.com went for $76,500 but why ? It's just a parked page at the moment, maybe there's a fashion or TV show out there that I have missed. Perhaps colours + days of the week might be a new trend in domain names?

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