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Make Money Online Blogging - How Much Do Bloggers Charge for Advertising Spots?

If you’re a blogger you will be interested in the subject of how to make money from blogs. You have probably heard of the big money making bloggers John Chow and Darren Rowse already, but how about Jason Busch ? I had never heard of him, but according to the Chicago Tribune he is the “envy of most business bloggers”. Well, that’s a moot point as in order to envy him you would first have had to have heard of him. Be that as it may Mr Busch apparently does make money from blogging around $300,000 a year from his blog SpendMatters which is aimed at procurement and supply-chain professionals.

So now that you have heard of him, you may be justified in feeling envious, although don’t forget envy is one of the seven deadly sins (along with lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath and pride in case you were wondering). I’m not sure why envy should be considered a deadly sin, but I’m not a Christian so I don’t need to know, but it seems to me that envy can be quite a powerful motivational factor.

Mr Busch also states that he wants to make $1 million from his blog-based business by the end of 2009, which is an ambitious target but good luck to him. Bear in mind that his business also includes a “Web site, podcasts, Webinars and speaking engagements”. Plus he also makes money from a strategy and marketing consultancy consulting, Azul Partners.

Although he sees the future being much more closely linked to the blog, which he says has developed a brand of its own and which will now no doubt develop even further after its exposure in the Chicago Tribune and here !

The Chicago Tribune also reveals some interesting statistics about bloggers. There are apparently over 120 million blogs in existence, - there were only 100,000 in 2003, so that’s quite a jump. But, according Jennifer Mclean of Technorati, only about 7 million are actively updated. Actively updated meaning updated once every three months ! I’m amazed, but that makes me one of the top 7 million bloggers in the world – woohoo ! Probably even higher given that I update this blog every few days at least. It is also disturbing, as there must be a lot of blogs lying in around in cyberspace unloved and attracting nothing but copious amounts of pixel dust.

How Much to Charge for Advertisements on Your Blog ?

If you are thinking of getting ads. for you blog then another interesting figure you may want to know is how much you can charge advertisers to place an ad. in a prime spot on your blog. Derrick Sorles, co-owner of Business Blogging Consultants, who publishes 12 blogs, says that once you get to page one on Google, people will start calling you to find out how much you charge for advertisements on your site.

He also says that he offers three different sizes of display ads. for around $30 to $50 a month. That doesn’t seem like a lot to me. I charge $120 a month to advertise on this site, which probably explains why I’ve got no advertisers.

In an excellent article Caroline Middlebrook says that lots of people charge way too little for ads. on their blogs – the range seems to start at $6 a month ! – she herself charges $100 a month.

Interestingly Jason Busch had a sponsor already lined up before he started his blog, but it took him over a year to find a second sponsor. So it’s not as easy as it may seem. But a basic sponsorship for spendmatters now that it attracts several thousand visitors a day, is $5K a month. So that’s quite a difference compared to what other bloggers seem to be charging – the message is "stop selling yourself short". In fact I have just increased my advertising rate to $500 a month (I have to take into account the fact that I am not on Page 1 of Google).

In Australia, Darren Rowse has been earning a six-figure income from and a number of photography blogs since 2005. He says that in the beginning he had to be proactive and approach advertising agencies, now they approach him, so if you they are not approaching you get approaching them.

The secret to all this appears to be to get onto the first page on Google for your chosen keywords, so to make money online you are going to need to get backlinks, and use good SEO to target keywords

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