Find Expired Domain Names Using Google

Make Money Online for Beginners - How to Find Expired Domain Names Using Google

This post explains how to find expired domain names using Google. Buying and selling domain names is one online money making system. If you are interested in domaining or want to make money from domain names or if you are just looking for a domain name for your site that has already been registered and may therefore have some residual pagerank and visitors, then you might have asked yourself "How Do I Find Expired Domain Names?" If you don't know anything about buying and selling domain names or why people would want to do it - read this highly informative article about Domain Name Millionaire Kevin Ham

Well Mr. DotSauce just created a cool video tutorial which explains exactly what you need to do ! And he has very kindly made it available free of charge which is even cooler. It turns out it is not too difficult to find expired domain names using Google (as long as you know which keys to hit on your keyboard and in which order!) and the most important bit is done from your Google search window. It could hardly be easier.

So after you have finished reading my wonderful blurb check out Mr. DotSauce's video tutorial and do what he says - once you know what to do it's easy - and strangely satisfying, much better than all those other videos you've been watching !

The all-important Google search you need to do is - "Auction Date" 04-10-2008 intitle:xxxxxxxx - where the date is any date you like but it must be two weeks before today's date and where xxxxxx is the keyword you want to insert (although it can aso be done without keywords) - so if you want a site relating to a particular keyword, then replace xxxxx with the keyword of your choice. I have typed this here so that you know exactly what to type as the video zips by quite fast and you need to keep pausing it to see exactly what is being typed. The rest of the video explains what to do after you have carried out the Google search and it would take waaaaaay too long for me to type it all here and your attention span just wouldn't handle it, but on a video it's easy. You also need to use a neat tool created by DnCleaner to clean up the list you end up with.

So here is the link to how to find expired names using Google - - it could be the best video ever ! Thank you Mark from DotSauce, I might finally be able to register some decent domain names !

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  1. hey, thank you for informing me about this. Now I can search for domains easily and freely.

  2. You're welcome - good luck with your site - I see Kijiji (Ebay) is being countersued by Craigslist - see article - Craigslist v the Ebay Empire


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