New Domain Name Auction Site Launched

Online Money Making - New Auction Site for Domain Names

If you are trying to make money online by buying and selling domain names you will be pleased to learn that there is now a new site where you can auction domain names. Competition is good, especially as in the domain name industry there is not a lot of competition around. The big names tend to have things pretty much sewn up, with the exception of the domain name forums such as Namepros and DomainState.

The new site is Better Quality Business) - it advertises itself as No commission, No Listing Fees. No BS. and it certainly looks like it means business and intends to build up its client base so as to be in a position to rival its more famous competitors. It's only been up and running for a few days and is still in beta but it already has over 300 names listed for sale.

It is concentrating mainly on short .coms as this is where 90% of sales are - in their own words " is a no commission, next generation domain name auction platform dedicated to short domains."

They further state : " Inc. seeks to reduce the pain sellers of domain names currently endure, paying exhorbitant commissions which are in our opinion often unjustified." Well I think everybody will agree with that sentiment, except of course those charging the exhorbitant commissions, we know who they are.

"BQB is founded on Professionalism - each member is individually screened, successful applications are manually approved"

I for one am grateful that there is an alternative to the big faceless organisations which normally deal with domain auctions and look forward to the continuingsuccess of BQB.

So if you are looking to buy or sell a domain - go check them out ! If you do decide to sign just give my name 'advaita' as referral, it won't make me any commission but it will get my name entered into their competition. Thanks.

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