Removing Date from Wordpress Posts

Online Money Making - Remove Date and Time in Wordpress

In my attempts to make money online I've just started messing around with Wordpress again, which I still heartily dislike. I wanted to remove the date and time from underneath individual posts and finally discovered how to do it. So if you want to remove the date and time under a post, which is very annoying, this is what you do.

Click on DESIGN then on THEME EDITOR, then in the list on the right click on Single Post (single.php).

In the code window that opens up find this text

"This entry was posted on - php the_time('l, F jS, Y') ? at ?php the_time ?and is filed under ?php the_category(', ') ?. "

(I haven't typed all the pointy brackets here as they were messing things up. )

Remove the above offending wording (and make sure you remove all the brackets etc.. to the end of the sentence, and click on Update file, now check the bottom of your individual post and the date and time will have gone. Hooray ! Have a lie down.

UPDATE : Since writing the above I have dumped Wordpress paid service and now stick to Blogger - which is fine for my purposes - but strangely a lot of people seem to find my blog by searching Wordpress change date ! So I think I'll leave this post here - to make money blogging however you don't need Wordpress just read this -
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