Online Money Making - Don't Buy a VAX Vacuum Cleaner and Don't Use Argos

Are VAX vacuum cleaners any good - no. And Argos are useless too ! Don't waste all the money you make online !

Do VAX vacuum cleaners suck ? Yes, but not as you would wish! VAX are useless, so don't buy a VAX vacuuum cleaner. Are VAX any good - no, they are rubbish. I just bought one and when I tried to use it it was totally useless. It sucks, but unfortunately not dust, it just sucks.

I would have done better to have taken my carpet out into the garden and beaten it with a stick. I took the useless VAX hoover back to Argos where I had the misfortune to buy it and they said tough ! I was told they don't do refunds on useless products, they just sell them. So they are quite willing to take your money selling rubbish, but they refuse to state in their catalogue that VAX vacuum cleaners are rubbish and to be avoided at all costs. If you want a refund you have to make sure you don't use it first, but of course you don't know the VAX rubbish vacuum cleaner you've just bought is useless until you actually try to use it ! By which time it is too late.

So now I'm stuck with a useless VAX vacuum cleaner / hoover - so I still need a vacuum cleaner so I've got to try and buy smething that is not rubbish like VAX and of course I won't be using Argos any more. But I shall of course be warning as many people as possible via my numerous blogs and websites ! Buy anything except VAX you certainly can't do any worse.

And avoid Argos at all costs they are more interested in screwing you out of £50 than having long-term satisfied customers who come back and buy more stuff.


  1. quite agree i bought one too half price fom argos and it is crap !!!!!

  2. What model Vax was it?
    The old BRITISH MADE 3-in-1 were/are great, but the Chinese made Rapide uprights are a pile of pooh.
    The machine my mother bought for £50 broke after only 3 uses.
    This has happened to many people after using their machine only once or twice.
    What is the best value - a Brit made one for £150 that lasts years, or a Chinky pile of crap for £50 that lasts two uses?
    Buying cheap does not pay!

  3. Hi
    Can't remember the number - it was a £50 job - we thought it would be good enough for a couple of years but it was useless and a total waste of time effort and money. We took it back to our local Argos but they refused to take it back because we had used it - so we cleaned it up properly and took it back to another Argos and got our money back :-). Argos it seems won't take stuff back if you have used it, so don't ever admit you've used anything. We bought a Miele which is great and highly recommended (by my wife).
    We used to have a VAX (like your mum) and had similar experiences the old ones were OK the new ones are rubbish. We are now Miele converts !

  4. If you’re having problems with a Vax cleaner, rather than taking it back to the shop it’s worth giving the customer care helpline a call (0870 606 1248, open 8-8 weekdays, 9-5 weekends) to see if it’s got a fault that can be fixed. The call centre is based at Vax's head offices in the UK and there’s no electronic menu system, so you get straight through to someone who can talk you through your problem step by step to work out what’s wrong. If there is a fault, as long as it’s still under warranty they’ll collect the machine from you free of charge and either repair it or send you a brand new one. They guarantee to have the repair done within 24 hours of it reaching their offices too, so you shouldn’t be without a vac for too long. A lot of the newer models of Vax have a free 6-year guarantee now and you can buy direct from their website:

  5. Thanks for the comment and the info re VAX.
    My main complaint was that the vacuum cleaner was brand new and was useless, it should never have been manufactured or sold. Argos should have taken it back straightaway and put their hands up - yes a fair cop guv it's a useless pile of plastic please take your money back. Instead of doing that, the manageress seemed to delight in being as unhelpful as possible. All we did was take it back to another Argos store and got our money back that way.
    The upshot is we don't use Argos anymore and we won't buy another VAX. So all very short-sighted by Argos, in fact I think I'll write a post about them too.
    We bought a Miele which is a great vacuum cleaner and very quiet.


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