Online Money Making - on Sale at BQB

Had enough of Ebay's outrageous fees and poor customer support? Lots of people are looking for alternatives to Ebay - in one area - domain name sales - there are alternatives. One particular alternative bqb is interesting because it charges no commissions - compared to anything between 10% and 25% on other auction sites.

I have decided to give them a try and have listed two of my domains for sale there 39DD.COM and MAVEQ.COM

39DD is of obvious interest to people interested in things that end in DD and would make an excellent site for those with the skill to make an interesting graphic site !

MAVEQ is a Klingon word meaning ritual dagger and is also the name of a Klingon scoutship. It is also of course a good pronounceable brandable LLLLL.COM - so check out the BQB site