Googles Matt Cutts SEO Tips

How to Make Money Online - Top 5 SEO Tips from Google's Matt Cutts

Update : Since writing this post my pagerank has been whacked by Google - down to PR0 from PR3 - any connection ? I have no idea. But pagerank is not a particularly iportant factor for online money making

In an interview with USA Today, Matt Cutts from Google gave his top 5 SEO tips for increasing the page ranking of your site in Google.

  1. Make sure you spotlight the keyword you are targetting. This sounds pretty self-evident but if you want to be found for a keyword e.g. SEO Tips you must make sure you include it on the page ! The keyword needs to be at the top of the page, but also dotted here and there throughout the rest of the page. If your niche is how to make money online of if you are selling digital camera accessories , or a plumber in Dallas make sure those terms figure prominently on your site.
  2. Make sure you fill in the tags. Title and Description are the two most important tags because they are what is displayed in the search engine results.
  3. Backlinks are important. You need to get other sites to link back to your site. Also, although this is not included in the interview, it is said to be better if they link back to you using the keyword you are trying to rank for – SEO Tips or make money blogging in this example. So if you want to link back to this post use the word SEO in the link. He did add, however, that Google assesses over 100 factors when ranking sites and backlinks are one of the most important factors. I didn’t know that Google had over 100 factors it considers, but I have been told elsewhere that backlinks are THE most important factor. So make sure you work on getting your backlinks, preferably direct backlinks to your site from a site with a higher PR than your own site.
  4. Make sure you have a blog and that you post to it often. This is one way of getting backlinks. You can use a blog to link back to your site and even that counts for SEO.
  5. Go over to Google and register for their free tools. He recommends that you use the tools over at google.com/webmaster, also that you create a sitemap at www.xml-sitemaps.com, and that you get your business listed in Google's Local Business center (google.com/local/add) – which I will do immediately as I hadn’t heard of that before.

As a final SEO Tip he said to not overdo it. Keywords are important but too many keywords can have negative consequences, and even get your site removed from the index, so don’t fill your pages with nothing but keywords. Two or three times seems to be enough, according to Cutts.

Interesting stuff direct from the horse’s mouth, some of which I knew but some of which I didn’t, so thank you USA Today, hopefully the Business Center suggestion will see me leap to page 1 !