Israel.Com sells for 5.88 Million USD

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UPDATE : This story is incorrect (2.6.08 - 2 p.m. New York time) apparently someone made a mistake - the domain name has not been sold - but it has got a lot of publicity

An unidentified buyer has bought the domain name for $5.88m.

The domain name has been on auction since May 23rd with a reserve of $5.5m. At the moment is still a parking page with the Israeli flag and ads. relating to Israel. No details of the design of the new site have been announced.

The domain name was originally bought by Joel Noel Friedman, a Jewish American, back in 1994. Freidman was surprised the name was worth so much, and he originally registered the name as he was afraid it would be misused if it was registered by someone else. He decided to sell it as it is now Israel's 60th anniversary. So he’s obviously got a business head on his shoulders.

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