Rainbow Bought for $170K

Make Money Online Free - Net Monetization - Rainbow Sells for $170,000

Would you pay $170,000 for a rainbow? Probably not, unless you were on drugs at the time. Nevertheless, despite the terrible economy and falling stockmarkets, somebody paid $170,000 for the domain name, which goes to show that domain name sales are holding up well despite the credit crunch and high oil prices.

The top five domain name sales as reported by DNJournal last week were $170,000 - $151,400
Cognac - $88,000 $65,000 $62,000

Cognac seems to be a bargain given the millions paid for recently !

The top 5 domain name sales so far this year have been - $9,999,950 - $1,659,000 - $1,099,798
SkiResorts - $850,000
iReport - $750,000

It’s good to see so many big sales, but a pity that none of them were mine ! I wll be creating a site soon with a list of my names, but in the meantime if you are interested in then get in touch. Masdar is the new environmentally friendly city being built in the UAE and designed to produce zero carbon emissions. Real estate in Masdar and also Internet real estate is expected to be highly sought after.

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