Let Them Eat Waste says Gordon Brown

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[UPDTE 3 : Gordon Brown finally revealed himself for the hypocrite he is on April 27 2010 during the general election campaign when he forgot to switch off his radio microphone and called a Labour supporter Mrs Gillian Duffy a "bigoted woman" after moaning about having to talk to her, when he thought no-one was listening, after just telling her to her face how pleased he was to meet her.- You couldn't make it up ! ]

[UPDATE 2 : Gordon Brown's Expenses - The whole shabby trough that is MPs expenses and MPs expense claims is causing quite a stink in the UK, with Ministers now starting to resign - Shahid Malik the Justice Minister has just 'stepped down'. Gordon Brown, while keeping a very low profile, as he likes to do when there is anything nasty going on, is starting to cut loose anyone he sees as a liability, but so far he has said very little about his own expense claims, and as far as I know as not offered to pay back a penny of the expense claims he made for his lightbulbs, Sky TV subscription, food, kitchen refurbishment etc... see Gordon Brown's expenses below under Gordon's Brown Expenses

UPDATE 1 : This post was written in August 2008 but now (May 2009) the whole smelly truth has emerged about MPs expenses and just what they have been claiming for - including but not limited to - 85p for a bath plug for the Home Secretary (Minister of the Interior) Jacqui Smith - £20 for porno movies for the husband of said Home Secretary + thousands of pounds for a second home as she claimed her principal home was the spare bedroom in her sister's house. £300 + for horse manure from a Tory MP, £6000 for cleaning expenses paid by the Prime Minister Gordon Brown to his brother, £1500 paid to Jack Straw (Foreign Secretary) for Council tax he wasn't entitled to, various bills for swimming pools, dog food, and other 'second homes' the list goes on but it is big news here in the UK - for a couple of weeks at least. Everybody knew that the system and those responsible for it stank and that many MPs were helping themselves to money simply because they could and because it was 'in the rules' - which they created of course - but now all of a sudden everyone is feigning surprise and apologizing - bring back the monarchy ! at least we could cut their heads off now and again.]

Meanwhile back in 2008 ......

In a disgusting display of arrogance and hypocrisy, when assessing how people in the UK can avoid the spiralling costs of basic foodstuffs, which he and his ilk have caused, unelected British Prime Minister Gordon Brown declared, with even less concern and intelligence than that displayed by Marie Antoinette, "Let them eat waste!".

.............................................................(Spit or swallow?)

For the historically challenged amongst us, Marie Antoinette was the imported Austrian Empress during the French Revolution in 1789 who famously asked why the people were rioting in the streets. When told it was because they had no bread to eat she replied with timely insouciance "Well, let them eat cake."

The revolting French preferred instead to drag her into a dungeon and slice her cake hole off. Not that it has done them much good.

Gordon Brown, on the other hand, delivered his peculiar brand of hypocrisy, telling the British to stop wasting their food, not from the apparent safety of a palace in Paris, but from a 5 star venue protected by 20,000 police, after flying half way round the world to yet another pointless junket in a remote part of Japan along with all the other worthy parasites from the G8 and the 22 other countries that were invited to get their snouts in the 'bring your own trough' party for their free (i.e. paid for by us) Japanese dolphin-friendly grub and libations.

For a taste of Gordon Brown's empathy with the people he is supposed to be helping here is a short list of some of the things he claimed expenses for in his second home (he gets one 'grace and favour' home already in Downing Street) - he already gets paid £189,994 + free house a year for lecturing us, but that's obviously not enough, and because he is a very prudent chap he carefully notes all the additional expenses he has to bear, as follows :-

'My Expenses' by Gordon Brown (Prime Minister - tee hee) also entitled Gordon's Brown Expenses

Lightbulbs - £15 (how pathetic is that ? - does it make you proud to be British?)

Satellite TV subscription - £372 - you can watch satellite TV news for free but Gordon obviously needs to watch all the Movie Channels, Sports Channels and other assorted trivia - and he obviously needs us to pay for it for him

Cleaning service £723

Food £650 (strange, most people pay for their food out of their wages - not so for prudent politicians - they get other people to pay for their food in addition to paying their wages - and how much of that food ended up in the dustbin I wonder?)
Painting and decorating £1396 - anybody care to pay for my painting and decorating ?

Kitchen refurbishment - £9000 ! (what a wheeze ! and there are no doubt lots more little bits and pieces I haven't been able to discover)

It makes you sick of course to discover just how much politicians siphon off into their troughs, but that doesn't bother Gordon he just tells us to stop wasting our food. Perhaps instead he should tell us "get somebody else to pay for it, that's what I do!"

Nothing was achieved at the G8 meeting of course, but hundreds of tons of polluting jet fuel have nevertheless been wasted so that Gordon Brown can practise his famous grimace in front of an even larger audience than usual. He has also been able to stuff his face at our expense whilst at the same time telling us to eat our waste.

Pretty soon, hopefully, our unelected self-selected joke of a prime minister will be given a juicy Glaswegian kiss by his compatriots in Glagow East, after which he will receive the order of the swift kick up the backside from his erstwhile fairweather friends in the Labour Party (what a waste that is!) as they scrabble around in a desperate attempt to keep their jobs and £24,000 expense accounts in the Mother of All Porcheries in Westminster. [UPDATE : He was indeed given the boot by his fellow Scots in the local election in Glasgow - losing one of the safest Labur seats in the country to the SNP - the losing Labour candidate took time to remark that the SNP had a very small majority of only 365 so it could hardly be called a landslide - haha! what an absolute idiot and what a pity she isn't an MP I'm sure she would have made good use of her £24,000 expenses budget)

..............."Let them eat waste!" says Gordon

Thank you Gordon for finally revealing your true thoughts, next time you could maybe add "I'm alright Jacques" just for good measure. Oh and don't forget that winning smile!

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