Ebay Annoys Users Yet Again

Money Making Online - Ebay Annoys its Users Yet Again

After increasing fees and decreasing service, trying to close down the auction site and turn it into a Buy It Now Store like the 100 million others on the Internet, and generally making the Ebay site a waste of space, Ebay has now seriously ticked off those people who work hard trying to get people to sign up to Ebay. Ebay used to be way which allowed you to make money online Up until now you got $25 for every new sign-up you got via your site. Ebay however has decied that some people who sign up are not 'engaged' enough and therefore are changing the scale of payment to its affiliates. The scale will now vary between $1 and $50 (haha) - no prize for guessing which end of the scale most payments will be made at.

Some people have spent a lot of time developing their Ebay affiliate sites (not me thankfully) and have now been kicked in the goolies by Ebay yet again. When will we get a proper alternative to Ebay ?

As one guy so eloquently put it "I think we will all look back to this day and realize eBay just blew their brains out with a shotgun. I really think it is that big of a mistake they are making.

They closed accounts of some publishers that have been sending traffic for 5+ years, without warning, and without any time/guidelines to change their sites to placate eBay, and only seven days to move ALL their sites somewhere else.

Remember these folks busted their ass to make sites to promote eBay. How do you think the remaining publishers will act? They will leave in droves or not lift a finger to do any more promotion.The affiliate world will study this move for years to come as a "classroom example" of what not to do."