The Four Inch Crack Tax

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Families in the UK are now being fined (i.e. taxed) for leaving the lids of their rubbish bins ajar by four inches, for putting them out on the wrong night or for putting them in the wrong place. This is clearly a new tax purposely created by this government and masquerading as a "fine". It is clearly designed by the government to rake in more money to fund their own profligate lifestyle, as they are cutting back bin collections from once a week to once every two weeks (in France they collect the rubbish every morning i.e. 7 times a week ! - how on earth do they manage that ? maybe they really are geniuses after all). With only one bin collection every two weeks it becomes increasingly difficult to fit all your rubbish in one bin, but that of course is the purpose behind the scheme. People therefore find it impossible to close the lid and they are then stuck with an extra £110 tax ($220 dollars for my transatlantic readers).

My prediction is that we will see more fly-tipping (dumping your rubbish down country lanes for the flies to eat or on some street somewhere). The fine for fly-tipping (if you get caught) is £80 ($160) so clearly it is in your interest to dump your rubbish somewhere else rather than in your own bin, if your bin is already full.

Shoplifters also get fines of £80 for stealing goods worth less than £200. So leaving your bin lid open is now akin to shoplifting.

Mr Eric Pickles, an opposition Member of Parliament, said: "It is clear bureaucrats are instructing town halls to target householders with fines.

"Yet with the death of weekly collections, it is hard for families to dispose of rubbish. It is unfair that householders are now getting larger fines than shoplifters get for stealing."

In the twelve months to April last year, almost 44,000 people were fined for not closing the lids of their bins, putting their rubbish out on the wrong day, orleaving an extra black bag next to their bin. That means an extra £4.4 million in revenue for the government to pay for Gordon Brown's and his cronies expenses, see - Gordon Brown says Let Them Eat Waste! - and to pay the wages and pensions of the army of people involved in collecting the extra taxes.

Gareth Corkhill a bus driver in Cardiff was taken to court and given a criminal conviction for refusing to pay a £110 "on-the-spot fine" by the tax collectors who discovered the lid of his bin open by four inches (do they really pay people to go round measuring how far open your bin lid is? - even the Taliban didn't think of that one). Mr Corkhill was eventually fined £210 (a week's wages).

So instead of providing a proper waste disposal service from the taxes we already pay, this government prefers to hand out £24,000 a year to MPs in expenses, on top of their already inflated wages (to pay for Gordon Brown's lightbulbs and Tony Blair's TV licence amongst other things - in total around £15 million) then tax/fine people for reasons which are not of their doing i.e. if the rubbish collection was being carried out properly in the first place these problems would never arise.

Half the councils in the country have apparently already switched to collecting rubbish once every two weeks and will therefore have increased opportunity to bring in extra revenue by taxing people who can no longer close the lids of their bins. (Yes it is incredible but unfortunately it is already happening).

As mentioned above I foresee a sharp rise in fly-tipping of unidentifiable rubbish (i.e. rubbish with no inciminating documents with name and address on them) by people angry at the lunacy which prevails in this country.