Jolie Pitt 15M Kiddy Pic Fest Deal

Online Money Making - $15 Million for Stars

What is it with our fascination with celebrity? The press are reporting that a certain Ms Jolie and Mr Pitt have sgot a record $15 million. The US rights are apparently going to People magazine. (Note by the way the use of the word ‘record’ to make us feel even more privileged).

How fortunate the world is .

It would appear that Hello! magazine was involved in a bidding “frenzy” with rival OK! (this is clearly an important event then, right up there with the meaning of life) and executives have brought forward the publication date to Monday to squeeze even more money out of their hapless readers and no doubt the advertisers who want to place ads.

Some dogsbody at Hello! gushed: "This is one of the publishing sensations of the decade. (Haha what sort of pathetic world do these people inhabit ?)

"We expect to triple our circulation because of the public's fascination with the couple and their children." (Meaning : we expect three times as many sad individuals to buy our drivel than usual).

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