COLD.COM on Auction for $1Million+

Make Money Online - Cold.Com For Sale - $1 million Minimum Bid

Domain Names are Still Big Online Money Making Method

The domain name is being put up for auction in November. If you think you might like to bid for it then you need to have at least US$1 million available, as that is the minimum bid that will be accepted. The auction will take the form of sealed bids that will be accepted until November 14.

Bob Weber, MD, Patent Kinetics, LLC. said "We anticipate exceptionally strong interest in Marketing, advertising, brand management, public relations professionals, and other executives should carefully evaluate how the unique domain name and web presence could figure prominently in their efforts to extend brand equityby leveraging consumers' brand and product associations with the word 'cold'."

Mr Weber pointed out that there is a very long list of product categories that could make use of the domain name, such as :-

  • Cold medicines and pharmacies;
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages;
  • Home heating and cooling;
  • Ice cream, and other dairy products;
  • Winter sports and recreation;
  • Travel and leisure;
  • Cold storage facilities;
  • Refrigeration;
  • Video games
  • Computer software; is one of the few high value .com domain names to be sold at auction recently. Other high value domain names sold for at least US$1 million include:

  • at just under US$10 million
  • at $7.5 million
  • also at US$7.5 million (this was then developed and re-sold for $360 million !)
  • - $3 million
  • - $3 million
  • - US$1 million.

To bid on the domain name note :- :
Sealed bids must be received by 5 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, Friday, November 14, 2008 at the latest. The minimum acceptable bid is US$1 million. It is expected that the auction will end in early December. at $7.5 million is particularly interesting to me as I am currently in the process of trying to sell - Surat is the diamond centre in India, and is the biggest diamond trading centre in the world, bigger than both Antwerp in Belgium and Tel Aviv in Israel.

Anyone interested in making a bid please leave a message in the comments section.